Gal Shir is a self-taught artist helping startups tell their story better through illustrations and design. His artworks are massively popular on social media where he has amassed a sizable audience. Gal aims to create inspiring content that touches people and encourages them to find their inner artist.

He started working as a freelance designer from his parents basement at the age of 16, and his career took a flight after he moved to Tel Aviv. There he worked with several creative studios, with Promo and other startups.

In 2015 Gal founded Color Hunt, a handy resource for designers and artists who are looking for color palettes. Color Hunt has become one of the most popular websites for color combinations and is being used daily by thousands of people.

From 2016 to 2019, Gal has been leading the design at Lemonade, established the company's brand and illustration language. Today, Gal is consulting and helping entrepreneurs establish design thinking. He gives talks and workshops for different companies and institutes such as Bezalel Academy.

To inspire people all over the world, Gal has partnered and established relationships with brands like Apple, Adobe, LG, Procreate, Affinity, Dribbble, 9GAG, UNILAD, The Bright Side, and more.

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