Designer and artist helping
startups communicate better
with people through products,
illustrations & motion

Color Hunt

I run Color Hunt, a curated collection of color palettes. Created with the goal of sharing my passion for colors, and provide a resource for designers, artists, developers, illustrators, and anyone who needs a fresh color combination for their design project.


I’m currently leading the design at Lemonade, a new kind of insurance company, powered by AI and driven by social good. We're on a mission of making home insurance easy, fair, fun and delightful. See more on Lemonade's Dribbble page.


I make visuals come to life with motion to tell stories, deliver complex messaging, and explain data. See more animations on my Dribbble portfolio.


I create interactive user interfaces that make digital products easy and fun to use.


I draw and make art to communicate ideas in a way everyone understands. Watch my drawing process on Instagram and Youtube.


I write and share my thoughts about design and my work on my Medium blog.

How Designers Stand Out in 2018

While designers try to keep a unique style and an authentic image, they are also finding it hard to improve their visibility and put themselves out there.

The Design Tools And Apps I Use

Lately, a lot of people are asking me about the apps and tools I use as a designer. So I decided to share a short list with all the stuff I use for my design work.

Color Hunt: Behind The Scenes

How a side project I launched two years ago grew to become a popular resource that reaches 200k monthly users. In this article I'm going to share the story of Color Hunt, from the idea, the challanges, the exection and the results.

I A/B Tested My Daily Walk To The Office

Every single day I’ve been walking the same path to my office and back home, let’s call it route A. But a little while ago I found that there’s an alternative route (B) that might be faster and I should consider changing my daily routine and choose the new route. But I wasn’t so sure about that.

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