Online app for character guidelines by Gal Shir
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Great illustrations start with Pose
Use Pose to design your custom gestures, export the guidelines as an image, and paint over them with your favorite app to bring the character to life with your unique style.
Easy to customize
Adjust the gesture, perspective, body type and height to achieve diverse poses.

Rotate the body parts and turn your character into any possible posture


Set the perspective and orientation of your character to fit any composition

Body Type

Diversify your characters with different body shapes that represent all genders


Define the personality and the age of your character by adjusting the height

Character illustration isn't always easy, it requires a deep knowledge of anatomy. However, in the modern art styles, it doesn't have to be that complicated. Even simple 2D characters can be unique and soulful. That's why I created Pose. If you ever wanted to draw characters but had a hard time with it, this app is for you. No more struggle with proportions, body postures, or hand gestures.

Character design has never been easier! Level up your illustration work and draw characters better and faster.
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How do I access the app?

Pose is a web-app that works in your browser, no need to download anything! Once you purchase a license, just click on Open App. You can access Pose from Safari and Chrome on your laptop or tablet.

Is the price a one-time payment?

Yes. Purchasing Pose is a one-time payment.

Does Pose have male or female characters?

Pose guidelines don't have a gender! You can adjust the width of the shoulders and hips to create a diverse set of body shapes. We hope that Pose will inspire you to draw characters reflecting the variety of human bodies.

How to change the hand gestures?

Just tap on the hand once and the gestures menu will pop out. If you're using a tablet - try tapping with your finger rather than your pencil.

We need a bigger screen!

Please use your laptop or tablet