GAL SHIR'S Premium
Color Palettes

For Procreate and Photoshop

8 palettes, 240 colors, hand-picked by Gal Shir


Pop is a vibrant palette with pure, saturated, and dominant tones. It contains colors that stand out and make any artwork feel shiny and alive.

Rock is a grungy color palette with soft and earthy colors. It creates a deep atmosphere and gives a mysterious look to any drawing.

Jazz is an energetic and positive set of colors. It's perfect for painting playful and entertaining scenes with bright neony look.

Country is a magical color palette and the one I like the most. The orange and teal tones work great together and create a calming feeling.

Indie is a pastelic and authentic palette with a good balance between cold and warm tones. It can fit any style of artwork and make it feel unique.

Classical is a soft color palette with different pastelic tones. It includes mellow colors which are perfect for landscapes and backgrounds.


Disco is a bright color palette with a playful set of colors. The positivity and lightness of the tones create an optimistic and young feeling.


Folk is a strong color palette with saturated earth tones. These colors will work great for nature drawings including plants and trees.

Choosing colors isn't easy, and it takes a lot of time to find the right color combination. A good color combination is when all the different colors work together. It's when there's enough contrast between them, but also a common feel that connects them into a certain atmosphere. That's why I've created the Premium Colors Collection - an exclusive set of color palettes, hand-picked by me. Each palette includes 30 colors that work together perfectly, and will give your artworks a unique look.

Carefully Selected Colors

Instantly add a rich atmosphere to any artwork