Creator of timeless logos that people love, Gal Shir is an independent designer based in Tel Aviv, helping young brands define their visual identity

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Designing a powerful logo that sets the foundation for years

My process is straightforward and usually takes two weeks. It's tailored for startups and young brands who want a powerful identity that will last for years. The price is $10,000 of which 25% is paid upfront and you only pay the rest if you're happy with the result.


My process starts with a single kickoff meeting over Zoom or coffee in Tel Aviv. We chat about your brand strategy, mission, values, positioning, audience, and what makes you unique.


I conceptualize, design, and finalize one single logo, hand-crafted to reflect your brand strategy. It marks the most fundamental step in defining your brand identity and consists of custom shapes and letters created from scratch to ensure uniqueness, distinction, and precision.

The design process is done solely on my end and you only see the final result. I view identities as a complete puzzle, hence you can only see the whole picture when presented completely.


I send a complete presentation showcasing the logo alongside guidelines for a branded color system, fonts, and examples of different implementations. You get to review it properly at your own pace, and decide whether it's a match or not.

About Gal Shir

Gal helps innovative startups to define their unique visual identities. Designing custom, unique, and powerful logos, Gal provides a fundamental asset for young brands that haven't set their visual footprint yet, or a makeover for established brands looking for a fresh rebrand.

Gal started his creative career as a designer, illustrator, and art director, working with several design studios and startups in Tel Aviv. Being on the founding team of Lemonade (2016 to 2019), Gal created and developed the iconic brand and led the implementation of the visual identity through the product, marketing, and beyond.

Over the last 15 years, Gal has been working in the spaces of design, art, entrepreneurship, illustration, product, and marketing. His work has gained massive exposure on social media, making him an influential person in the field. One of his major projects, Color Hunt, has become a leading resource for designers and artists with over 1 million monthly users.

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Available for new projects

I'm currently taking logo design projects only. Drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'd be happy to chat, learn about your brand, and see how I can help.

Tel Aviv